Breast Surgery

At Become, we offer a wide array of breast enhancement procedures that will give you a natural-looking chest with beautiful results.


Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular procedures for women. The surgery is brief and uncomplicated and patients love their results. Dr. Holzman delivers natural-looking breasts that are in perfect proportion.

Lift (Mastopexy)

Over time, women’s breasts can begin to droop and lose volume due to aging, decreased skin elasticity, pregnancy, or dramatic weight loss. At Become, we offer breast lift surgery to help women regain the youthful shape, firmness, and volume of their breasts.


Are your heavy breasts weighing you down? Large breasts lead to chronic neck, back pain, and skin irritation. Exercise is difficult and clothing is hard to fit. Breast reduction literally takes the weight off and most women claim it to be life-changing.


The loss of a breast due to cancer is a life-altering event both physically and emotionally. Innovations in reconstructive plastic surgery, combined with Dr. Holzman’s experience, produce natural and pleasing results.


Dr. Holzman offers advanced breast revision surgery to address concerns you may have with a previous breast augmentation and to help you feel great about your appearance.


One of the most important steps is determining the size, shape, and type of implant that will best meet your needs and goals. Dr. Holzman offers a variety of breast implant options at Become.