become your best self

Male Plastic Surgery
Men are finally learning what women have always known. Plastic. Surgery. Works. Simple outpatient surgical procedures that are minimally invasive with almost no down time can make you look as good as you feel.
Female Plastic Surgery
You do your best. You eat right and exercise while balancing a career, home life, and nurturing friendships. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and time have taken a toll on your outward appearance. Some simple outpatient surgical procedures can help you turn back time. Dr. Holzman is an expert at achieving natural results that help you Become more confident in your appearance.
Body Contouring Post Weight Loss
Plastic surgery after significant weight loss removes the excess skin and fat left behind. Dr. Holzman restores attractive proportions and completes the post weight loss transformation.
Steven Holzman, M.D.
Dr. Steven Holzman is dedicated to providing beautiful, natural-looking plastic surgery results. He works closely with each patient to determine the most beneficial treatment for their unique needs. Whether it is a single, non-surgical treatment, or a combination of surgical procedures, Dr. Holzman is passionate about helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals through safe and effective options. He takes pride in not only enhancing a patient’s body but also their overall confidence.