Steven Holzman, M.D.

Steven Holzman, M.D.
I think I am a low risk-taker. I wouldn’t suggest anything to you that I wouldn’t recommend for a family member or friend. I’m going to give you some good solid advice that’s reasonable. If you’re not a candidate, I’ll tell you, ‘maybe that’s not the best thing for you.
Dr. Steven Holzman

Dr. Steven Holzman is a board-certified plastic surgeon dedicated to providing beautiful, natural-looking results for women and men seeking cosmetic enhancement and/or reconstructive care. He works closely with each individual to determine the most beneficial approach for their unique needs, never pressuring anyone into a treatment they are not completely comfortable receiving. From surgical procedures like breast augmentation and facelift to non-surgical treatments such as injectables and dermal fillers, Dr. Holzman is passionate about helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals through the least invasive means possible—always prioritizing safety, comfort, and efficacy. Ultimately, he takes pride in not only enhancing a patient’s body, but also their overall confidence and self-esteem.

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Body Contouring

No matter how nutritiously we eat or the number of hours we put in at the gym, our bodies don’t always respond to traditional means of toning and sculpting to the degree we’d like. Fortunately, body contouring surgery can effectively treat problem areas and specific cosmetic concerns that remain immune to diet and exercise, pushing past the limits of these efforts to help you achieve the figure you desire. With options including abdominoplasty, thigh lift, arm lift, and liposuction, Dr. Holzman can address excess skin and/or fat on virtually any area of the body for a leaner, firmer appearance. He is also highly skilled in grouping multiple procedures into a customized combination plan—such as a mommy makeover or post-bariatric body contouring—for comprehensive body enhancement following pregnancy and/or significant weight loss.

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  1. Targets Arm Areas
  2. Tightens and Firms Body
  3. Targets Stomach Area
  4. Eliminates Cellulite
  5. Targets Thigh and Buttocks Areas

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Dr. Holzman is a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon with a broad range of surgical expertise. He is also a firm believer in the importance of patient education. We encourage you to explore the array of informative content we have made available on both our primary practice website and our affiliate site, which is dedicated to one of Dr. Holzman’s specialties: Gynecomastia surgery. We hope that these comprehensive resources can help patients feel confident and empowered throughout their cosmetic enhancement journeys.


Dr. Holzman and his staff are an incredible group of people. They go out of their way to support their patients, and allow them to be well-informed and comfortable with the procedures they’re looking for. I am so glad to have had Dr. Holzman as my surgeon

Rebekah Fielding

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