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Skin Improvements

At our practice, board-certified plastic surgeon Steven Holzman, MD performs all of our corrective skin treatments. His specialization in this area makes him highly qualified to treat a variety of skin irregularities such as scars, moles, cysts, skin cancer, and lipomas. His office also offers a carefully curated line of medical-grade skincare products for both men and women. 

Scar Revision

The appearance of scars resulting from accidents or surgeries can be reduced using advanced surgical methods. Depending on skin type, pigmentation, and your unique healing process, as well as the depth, color, shape, and size of your scar, Dr. Holzman will choose the procedure that is most effective for treating your scar. From injections to surgical procedures, such as skin grafting and Z-plasty, Dr. Holzman will find the best way to minimize the appearance of your scar.

Mole Removal

Moles can be found almost anywhere on the skin in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some patients, for either cosmetic or medical reasons, desire to have their moles eliminated. Having an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Holzman, who is proficient in advanced suturing techniques, can keep scarring from mole removal to a minimum. Whether a mole is cancerous or benign, Dr. Holzman will use the appropriate technique to accomplish complete removal with the most aesthetically pleasing results possible.

“Dr. Holzman removed two moles from my face a couple of weeks ago. Dr. Holzman was great – very friendly, quick, approachable, and open to whatever questions I had. His staff was great too. I am very happy with my results and I’m glad I had this done at his office.”


Cyst Removal

Cysts form from a variety of causes, from congestion of hair follicles to clogged oil glands. Some may even result from skin trauma. Generally found beneath the skin of the underarms, groin, scalp, neck, and back, cysts are sacs filled with either fluid or a collection of dead cells enveloped within skin tissue. When untreated, cysts may enlarge and become problematic both medically and cosmetically. In some cases, cysts may become infected, causing them to swell and making them tender to the touch. Depending on the size, depth and nature of the cyst, Dr. Holzman will choose the method of removal that is most appropriate and will result in the smallest possible amount of residual scarring.

“Dr. Holzman is the best! I had a few cysts that really bothered me and had bad experiences with previous cyst removals that resulted in unsightly hypertrophic scars. Dr. Holzman provided the best care and left me with the TINIEST scars imaginable. My only regret is not going to him sooner for my previous cysts removals! His office staff is also very friendly and attentive. I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had with Dr. Holzman and his staff.”


Lipoma Removal

A lipoma is a growth of fat cells in a thin, fibrous capsule usually found just below the skin. Lipomas are not a cancer and do not become a cancer. They are found most often on the torso, neck, upper thighs, upper arms, and armpits, but they can occur almost anywhere on the body. One or more lipomas may be present at the same time. Some lipomas can be removed with in-office surgery, while others may require out-patient surgery. Depending on the number, size, and location of your lipoma, Dr. Holzman will choose a treatment method that will work best for you.

Tattoo Removal by Surgical Excision

Tattoo removal by surgical excision – also called surgical removal – is a more invasive option for tattoo removal, but it allows for greater precision with a one-time procedure. Surgical excision is also useful for tattoos that do not respond well to laser treatments. Some small tattoos might be good candidates, while others may be too large to remove with a scalpel. Dr. Holzman removes the tattoo using a scalpel and closes the wound with advanced suturing techniques that minimize scarring. Tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.

Dog Bite Repair

Dog bites frequently occur on the face and hands and can leave scars that are cosmetically unacceptable. Dr. Holzman is skilled at repairing complex bite injuries both at the time of injury and with delayed scar revisions, as needed.

Skin Cancer Removal

Skin cancer is very common in sunny Texas. Dr Holzman has years of experience in treating skin cancer here in Texas, and he has even more experience from his plastic surgery training in Florida. Dr. Holzman will remove suspicious moles with expert excision and closure techniques that leave minimal scarring. In addition, Dr. Holzman frequently performs reconstruction for patients who have undergone MOHS surgery with their dermatologist.

Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

Dr. Holzman offers a carefully selected line of medical-grade skin care products and sunscreens that help to counteract aging and protect your skin from the harsh Texas sun. From growth factors to retinols to skin brighteners, our products produce real results as they are exponentially more potent than the over-the-counter products found in department and drug stores. We have products for women and men that when used regularly can minimize the affects of aging. Dr. Holzman and his staff can help you choose the products that are right for your age, skin condition, and lifestyle.

Contact us today to schedule a corrective skin treatment consultation appointment with Dr. Holzman.