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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Over time, the natural shape and projection of women’s breasts can begin to change, sometimes leading to a sagging, deflated appearance. As with most physical changes, there are a number of different reasons this can occur. For those who have children, the breasts often become larger during pregnancy and breastfeeding, causing the skin overtop to stretch in order to accommodate the increase in size. While breast volume will generally diminish again after breastfeeding is complete, the breast skin may not contract to the same extent, leading to an excess that results in breast drooping.

For women who have gone through significant weight gain followed by dramatic weight loss, the same changes usually occur—the skin expands to accommodate growing breast volume during weight gain, leaving extra skin behind after the weight is lost. Furthermore, breast volume often diminishes over time as a part of the natural process of aging. Combined with a gradual decrease in skin elasticity (also attributed to aging) and the consistent pull of gravity, this can lead to breast sagging.

Regardless of the specific cause of breast drooping, the good news is that most women can find an excellent solution in the form of breast lift surgery.

What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure designed to improve the shape, firmness, and position of the breasts for a rejuvenated look and feel. Treatment can also involve resizing and/or recontouring the nipple-areolar complexes, as well as placing implants to restore—or even increase—breast volume in addition to elevating the bust line.

Austin plastic surgeon Steven Holzman, MD has over two decades of experience in performing breast lift surgery. Depending on your unique needs and goals, he can customize the procedure to achieve an improved, more youthful-looking shape and position for the breasts, helping to not only enhance your physical appearance—but also your self-confidence and esteem. Mastopexy is truly one of the most rewarding aesthetic surgeries available.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

The best candidates for mastopexy usually include women who have one or more of the following goals:

In addition, good breast lift candidates are at (or very close to) their desired weight, do not smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products, and have realistic expectations for the results that can be attained—for instance, if an increase in breast volume is also desired, a breast augmentation in combination with breast lift surgery will likely be required.

At the time of your consultation, Dr. Holzman will discuss all candidacy requirements with you in great detail, helping you determine if breast lift surgery is right for you.

“I went to Dr. Holzman and team for a consult. Immediately, I felt very welcomed and at ease. Dr. Holzman took the time to answer all of my questions and provide me with options. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate him and his staff.”


What Does the Breast Lift Procedure Entail?

Breast lift surgery will be customized to fit your specific needs and desired outcome. During the procedure, Dr. Holzman will remove excess skin, reshape the breast tissues, resize and/or reshape the nipple-areolar complexes (if necessary), and elevate the breasts to a more youthful position.

Generally, a mastopexy is performed with at least some other technique in addition to exclusively removing extra skin and manually reshaping tissues. Many patients require liposuction of the lateral chest wall to achieve better contour of the overall chest appearance. Often, one breast is larger than the other, necessitating a small reduction on that side. If you would like to increase the volume of your breasts, Dr. Holzman can enhance the lift using breast implants placed below the chest muscle to achieve a more dramatic increase in size and firmness. The latest technology and approach for increasing superior pole volume in patients undergoing breast lift now includes fat transfer, which can also be done. This is a technique whereby fat is removed from one part of the body, processed on the field, and then re-injected into the upper portions of the breast to give this area—and the whole breast—a more youthful look.

In all cases, Dr. Holzman’s goal is to keep scarring as minimal as possible and to achieve results that will withstand the effects of further aging for as long as possible.

What Can I Expect During Recovery After Breast Lift Surgery?

Following breast lift surgery, most women are able to resume normal, non-strenuous daily activities and routines after about one week. Some degree of bruising and tenderness can be expected, though these side effects are temporary and should resolve relatively quickly. Swelling is also common after a breast lift, and may take several months to fully subside. To aid in the healing process, Dr. Holzman typically recommends refraining from vigorous exercise, physical sports, and various other strenuous activities—including heavy lifting—for a minimum of a few weeks. Once you are fully healed, all restrictions can be lifted.

What Does a Breast Lift Cost?

The average cost of breast lift surgery is approximately $4,800*—according to the most recent statistics made available by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This pricing is representative of the surgeon’s fee alone and does not include expenses for anesthesia, the surgical facility, post-operative medications, and any other supplementary costs. Additionally, it is important to understand that surgeons’ fees can vary widely based on experience, skill, and the region/city in which their practice is located.

To get a custom quote for mastopexy, a personal consultation with Dr. Holzman is necessary. After tailoring a surgical plan based on your unique concerns and aesthetic desires, he can provide an accurate cost estimate for treatment, breaking down all fees that factor into the total price. If you are interested in plastic surgery financing, a member of our staff can assist you in exploring various payment plans designed to fit a wide range of budgets.

*This average cost is based on ASPS research and does not reflect exact pricing at Holzman Plastic Surgery. To obtain a personalized quote for breast lift surgery, please book a consultation at our practice.

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