Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is designed to help both men and women achieve a leaner, more shapely thigh contour by removing excess skin and fat from the region. A variety of factors can contribute to skin laxity, including age, hereditary traits, and major weight loss. Furthermore, excess skin can be extremely difficult to treat without surgery, as it rarely responds to diet and exercise. Fortunately, Austin plastic surgeon Steven Holzman, MD has years of experience helping patients achieve the smoother, slimmer, more youthful-looking thighs they desire. Whether you have recently lost a large amount of weight, are noticing an increase in skin sagging due to age, or are just unsatisfied with the look of your thighs, we encourage you to explore the informative sections below to learn more about how a thigh lift can help. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Holzman, please contact Holzman Plastic Surgery today! 

What Is a Thigh Lift?

Excess skin around the thighs can lead to both aesthetic and functional concerns, including chafing and other forms of skin irritation. Unfortunately, the thighs can also be a difficult region to sculpt without surgery, as the excess skin that often develops as a result of age or major weight fluctuations is rarely responsive to diet and exercise alone. A thigh lift procedure is designed to eliminate redundant skin and stubborn pockets of fat from the thighs, resulting in a smoother appearance with an improved contour. This procedure is also often included as a part of a more extensive body contouring or post-weight loss plastic surgery plan in order to help patients enjoy a tighter, leaner physique.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Thigh Lift Surgery?

Good candidates for thigh lift surgery are typically those who struggle with excess thigh skin and have reasonable expectations for what the procedure can accomplish. A thigh lift is not a weight loss procedure, and even when combined with liposuction, it will not yield significant weight reduction. Instead, the procedure is intended to improve the shape and contour of the thighs by removing excess skin and fat. As such, patients undergoing a thigh lift should already be at or near their desired weight. Other factors that can make someone a good thigh lift candidate include:

A thigh lift can be an excellent option for those seeking to improve the shape and proportions of their thighs through skin excision and fat removal. However, it may not be the ideal solution in every case. For patients who still have adequate skin elasticity, liposuction alone may be enough to provide improvement. In other cases, additional procedures—such as a tummy tuck or arm lift—can be combined with a thigh lift in order to provide a more comprehensive body contouring treatment. Dr. Holzman can help you determine the optimal treatment for your goals during a consultation. 


How Is a Thigh Lift Performed?

All thigh lift procedures are typically performed under general anesthesia, and they may require an overnight stay depending on the severity of the case. A combination of liposuction and skin excision is typically used to gently reshape the thighs into the desired contours.

A medial, or inner, thigh lift can be performed in a few different ways depending on the needs of the patient. In cases where the excess skin is mild or moderate in nature, the primary incision is made along the region where the upper thigh meets the groin crease. This allows Dr. Holzman to excise redundant skin and remove fat while still concealing the majority of the scar within the natural creases of the body. For patients with more severe excess skin—which is seen most commonly in massive weight loss patients—Dr. Holzman may employ a different incision type, which runs along the inner thigh towards the knee. The resulting scar will be more significant, but this technique allows for greater contour improvements that can better help patients achieve their desired thigh shape.   

A lateral thigh lift is designed to address the outer thigh region, sometimes referred to as the “saddlebags.” The scarring from this procedure may be more severe, but Dr. Holzman has extensive experience placing scars along the natural creases and contours of the body for optimal discretion. If patients find themselves dissatisfied with the look of their scars, we offer a number of options that can help improve them, including scar revision and medical-grade skincare.

What Is Thigh Lift Recovery Like?

Patients will be placed in a specialized compression garment immediately after surgery. This is designed to reduce bruising and swelling, while also helping the thighs better conform to their new shape. Patients should avoid any strenuous activities for about two weeks. That said, Dr. Holzman does encourage gentle, careful standing and walking at regular intervals in order to help promote blood flow and prevent blood clots. Swelling may last for several weeks to a month, but most patients find that any discomfort they experience can be managed with medication. Precise healing times will vary on an individual basis, and it is important to carefully follow all of Dr. Holzman’s post-operative instructions to ensure optimal results.

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost?

The precise cost of a thigh lift will depend on several factors, including the type of thigh lift performed, the amount of excess skin that is present, and whether it is being performed on its own or as part of a full body lift. During your consultation, Dr. Holzman and our experienced staff can provide you with a more precise and detailed cost estimate based on your unique needs. If you have any further questions about pricing, please feel free to contact us directly.