Breast Augmentation

At Become, breast augmentation (or breast enlargement) using breast implants is one of our surgical specialties, and as such, it is the most requested of our procedures. Dr. Holzman achieves outstanding results that are natural-looking and balanced, giving women the enhanced breast volume and shape they desire. Correction of breast deformities, such as tuberous breast deformity and congenital asymmetry, is also achieved through the use of implants and advanced techniques, including fat grafting.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation can be achieved through a variety of breast implant placement techniques depending on the anatomy of the patient as well as the desired outcome. Once inserted, the implant can sit on top of or beneath the chest muscle to achieve optimal shape, lift, and firmness. Dr. Holzman is careful to keep the appearance of the new breasts symmetrical and scarring as minimal as possible to deliver the superior results our patients expect.

Results of Breast Augmentation – Enhanced Feminine Curves

The majority of our patients who have undergone breast augmentation (enlargement) surgery are extremely happy with the results. Dr. Holzman’s keen artistic eyes and proficient surgical skills help him meet the individual needs of each patient in creating their ideal chest. Contact us for more information about breast augmentation surgery, or to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Holzman.