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Can I Get a Non-Surgical Breast Reduction?

The size of one’s breasts can have a significant impact on one’s life that goes beyond just their appearance. In addition to issues revolving around body image and self-esteem, having larger breasts can also cause health problems that may need to be addressed in the future, such as back, neck, and shoulder pain. Additionally, patients may find it more difficult to find clothing that fits right because the proportions of their chest can complicate their overall clothing size.

Dealing with larger breasts is not exclusively a female problem either. Men can also develop enlarged breast tissues. Gynecomastia refers to a condition characterized by the enlargement or swelling of male breast tissues due to a variety of different factors, ranging from hormonal imbalances to substance usage. Many times, there are no identifiable causes of gynecomastia. While the condition sometimes resolves on its own when it presents in adolescents, adult patients often require male breast reduction procedures to address their gynecomastia and obtain a more masculine chest contour.

Patients often wonder if there is a way to reduce breast size without surgery. The answer to that question depends on the root cause of the issue. Breasts are primarily composed of two different types of tissues: glandular and fatty. Glandular tissues are typically outside of the control of the individual, and their growth is influenced by factors such as hormones and genetics. On the other hand, fatty tissues often develop as a result of weight gain, as excess fat collects in the breasts. In cases where overly large breasts are the result of primarily fatty tissues, it may be possible to achieve some degree of non-surgical breast reduction via weight loss, if the enlarged breasts are mostly fatty tissue. However, the only way to adequately address glandular tissues and/or excess, sagging breast skin is through surgery.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Dr. Steven Holzman, offers both breast reduction and gynecomastia surgery to help patients feel more comfortable and confident about their bodies. Female breast reduction is designed to create lighter, more proportionate breasts that flatter a woman’s figure. Male breast reduction can help eliminate the appearance of male breast development altogether, resulting in a flatter, firmer, and more masculine chest contour.

If you are in need of breast reduction surgery or gynecomastia surgery, contact our practice today to learn more or schedule a consultation!