We offer a comprehensive selection of facial rejuvenation and enhancement procedures using leading techniques. Learn more about our options by following the links below, or you contact our practice to schedule a consultation.

Facial Procedures in Weightloss Patients

Significant weight loss can affect the appearance of the face as well as the body, and excess skin can cause wrinkles, jowling, and other concerns. We offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical solutions to these common issues, including facelift, neck liposuction, BOTOX® injections, and more.


As we age, the forehead can begin to droop, forming deep creases between the brows, which can lead to an angry or tired looking appearance. Dr. Steven Holzman can perform forehead lift surgery, also called brow lift, that can raise the forehead to a more youthful position and reduce heaviness in the upper eye area.


Necklift/Chin Liposuction

Over time, the skin under the chin and along the neck begins to lose elasticity, which compromises its ability to conform to connective tissue and other underlying structures. This skin laxity can create the appearance of a double chin or saggy neck in even the most health conscious individuals. A neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to reduce excess skin, remove fat deposits, and tighten muscles of the neck to regain a youthful jaw line and a smoother, more slender neck.