Brow Lift

Brow Lift (Forehead Lift) 

As we age, the forehead can begin to droop, forming deep creases between the brows, which can lead to an angry or tired looking appearance. Dr. Steven Holzman can perform forehead lift surgery, also called brow lift, to raise the forehead to a more youthful position and reduce heaviness in the upper eye area.  

The Brow Lift Procedure  

Brow lift surgery can be performed using one of two possible techniques. Depending on the case, Dr. Holzman will either complete the brow lift utilizing endoscopic implements or traditional brow lift techniques. Endoscopic brow lift requires only a few tiny incisions along the hairline through which specialized tools are inserted to carry out the surgical enhancements eliminating the need for the traditional continuous incision along the hairline. In both versions of the procedure, dense muscle and connective tissue that have built up between the brows are removed to smooth and relax tight furrows. The forehead skin is also drawn upwards and excess is removed to restore youthful contours to the brow line.  

Results of Forehead Lift – Refreshed and Relaxed 

Our forehead lift patients often look years younger after surgery. The procedure can effectively release tension between the brows, alleviate drooping of the eyebrows and forehead skin, and dramatically reduce the appearance of both vertical and horizontal wrinkles in the region. In many cases, brow lift is performed in conjunction with other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery and facelift. Patients may also benefit from non-surgical injectable treatments and fillers to enhance their look. 

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