Ear Reshaping Procedures

Become offers a number of effective procedures to improve the appearance of prominent or misshapen ears. Dr. Holzman can perform ear pinning surgery or cosmetic earlobe repair to help patients meet their ultimate goals with natural-looking results. 

Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty) 

Otoplasty, also referred to as ear pinning surgery, can alter the position, shape, and size of the ears. Individuals with prominent ears undergo otoplasty to have the ears surgically repositioned to lie more flatly against the sides of the head. In this procedure, fatty deposits and cartilage structures that cause the appearance of oversized or irregularly formed ears are eliminated or sculpted through a small incision along the outside edge of the ear. Any residual scarring from the procedure is typically well-hidden and virtually undetectable.  

Results of Ear Surgery 

After undergoing otoplasty, prominent ears appear more proportional and suitably positioned, making them far less noticeable. Ear pinning surgery can not only reduce the appearance of prominent ears, it can also have a very positive effect on our patients’ self-esteem and help them feel less self-conscious about the look of their ears. 

Cosmetic Ear Lobe Repair  

We offer cosmetic earlobe repair to improve the appearance of earlobes that are irregularly formed, or have been torn or stretched. Using a few simple surgical techniques, Dr. Holzman is able to restore a more natural shape to damaged earlobes. It is also possible to alter the shape of earlobes to make them more aesthetically pleasing.  

Earlobe repair and rejuvenation 

Aging, earrings and earlobe stretching from “gauging” can cause earlobes to become thin and droopy.  Earlobe surgery can repair and restore your lobes.   

How do earlobes become misshapen? 

Wearing heavy or over-sized earrings cause the earlobes to thin and stretch downwards due to gravity.  This may create the appearance of a vertical slit or opening.  Aging decreases that volume of fat in the earlobes that makes the lobes wrinkled and floppy.  In some cases, the earring hole may elongate until the earlobe is torn into two pieces.  

Sometimes an earring becomes caught, or is pulled by children creating a cut to the earlobe.  The earlobe rupture requires repair for proper healing. 

Earlobe stretching or “gauging” has been popular over the last 10 years.  A normally pierced ear is progressively stretched to accommodate a metal plug or decorative object.  When wearers choose to stop wearing the gauge, the resulting hole is not always desired and must be surgically repaired.  

How is the earlobe repaired? 

Earlobe repair for a stretched or torn piercing begins with surgical removal of the scar tissue around the piercing hole. The edges are then pulled together with carefully placed sutures to create a more natural shape. This procedure is accomplished with local anesthesia and has a short recovery period.  The area may be re-pierced in 6 weeks. 

Correcting stretched earlobes from aging may require removal of excess skin.  The ear is then sutured to maintain its new shape and position.  Dermal fillers may also be used to replace volume to the earlobe, giving it a more youthful appearance 

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