Neck Lift and Chin Liposuction

Over time, the skin under the chin and along the neck begins to lose elasticity, which compromises its ability to conform to connective tissue and other underlying structures. This skin laxity can create the appearance of a double chin or saggy neck in even the most health-conscious individuals. A neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to reduce excess skin, remove fat deposits, and tighten muscles of the neck to regain a youthful jawline and a smoother, more slender neck. 

The Neck Lift Procedure 

The procedure begins with a few small incisions along the undersides of each ear and beneath the middle of the chin to reveal the muscles of the neck. At this point, the skin is separated from the underlying tissue, and fat deposits are removed using liposuction techniques. The muscles of the neck are then tightened and sutured into place to ensure long-lasting results before the skin is lifted and excess is removed. The incisions are closed carefully to minimize visible scarring. 

Recovery from Neck Lift 

Isolated neck lift (without a facelift) lasts about 3 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis. A bulky dressing with a neck support is placed and remains in place for several days until the first post-operative visit. Normal activity can be resumed in 7-10 days and a garment is worn nightly during the post-operative phase to provide support to the neck. Swelling resolves over the next 12 weeks, although most patients look pretty presentable at 10 days or so. 

Neck Lift Results – Slender and Youthful  

Patients who have undergone a neck lift at Become often emerge looking years younger. Their necks appear tighter and longer, revealing a smooth jawline. While neck lift does an excellent job at re-contouring the neck and removing excess skin, it does not do much for the texture of the skin. This requires the use of topical agents designed to improve the appearance of the skin of the neck and face. Neck lift surgery is often performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures, such as facelift, injectable treatments and fillers, eyelid surgery, or brow lift to achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Contact us for more information about neck lift, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Holzman. 

Chin Liposuction (Submental Liposuction) 

For patients who do not need a full neck lift, submental (chin) liposuction may be a good choice. Many patients complain about how their neck looks in photographs. They see many chins despite their weight and tend to stick their chin out to make this look go away.  For several reasons, adults tend to collect fat deposits in their neck just below their chin. Patients complain they look like their parents who had a fatty neck/chin or they have developed it since they have aged or it was always there. This area is called the submental area, or the chin. Fortunately, there is a fairly easy cure and reversal for this limited problem, which is liposuction. 

Liposuction has been around for many years and is a very safe procedure and works particularly well for this area. The amount of tissue is limited but has a tremendous effect on the contour of the neck. This requires about 30 minutes of operative time as an outpatient and an easy recovery period. Usually there is a day or so or downtime with minimal pain. Some patients can have noticeable bruising. For the first few days, a compression neck strap is worn continuously to stop the initial oozing, bruising, and swelling. After about 4 days, the garment is only needed for about 12 hours a day so patients are able to return to work without the garment and just use it at home and at night/sleep time. 

Patients have fairly consistent positive results and see improvement almost immediately. The entire period of healing lasts about 12 weeks, which represents the time that is takes to resolve all of the swelling. There are no long-term negative effects and the results should be permanent. 

For those considering this procedure, one can feel comfortable knowing that it is a straightforward surgery that is minimally painful and can give you nearly perfect results to resolve that stubborn submental fat.