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What to Expect During a Mommy Makeover Consultation

In the wake of an increase in mommy makeover interest among patients at my practice, I thought I would provide an overview of the popular combination procedure as a resource for mothers considering cosmetic surgery. Throughout a series of four blog posts, I will cover my approach to the mommy makeover procedural process in its entirety, beginning with how I conduct the pre-surgical consultation.

The Consultation

I use the initial consultation for a mommy makeover as an opportunity to visit with the patient, get to know her, and find out what concerns she has in regard to her body. It is my first opportunity to listen as she describes the areas she wants addressed so that I may tailor an achievement plant to meet her goals. . This will be followed by an examination  during which I’ll look at the target treatment areas individually, as well as the entire body and the relationship between them. Overall, the mommy makeover consultation is a low pressure interaction and I try my best to make patients as comfortable as possible while bearing in mind that not everyone feels at ease discussing their self-perceived cosmetic imperfections.