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Can Gynecomastia Be Treated With Weight Loss and Exercise?

Gynecomastia – the medical name for enlarged male breasts due to excess tissue – affects an estimated 20 percent of men, and is a condition that is distinctly separate from obesity. Occasionally, an overly large male chest can be worsened by being overweight or obese. While maintaining a healthy weight is desirable for both cosmetic and overall health benefits, most cases of true gynecomastia cannot be resolved with weight loss and exercise. In fact, sometimes gynecomastia will appear more prominent after weight loss as the excess glandular tissue is no longer surrounded by extra fatty tissue.

The only truly effective treatment for gynecomastia is male breast reduction, as there are no effective non-surgical options. However, if you suffer from gynecomastia, this reality should not deter you from trying to lose excess weight. Gynecomastia patients who are overweight can benefit from weight loss, as their overall post-surgical appearance can be greatly improved. In addition, adding exercise to a sensible diet can increase heart health and give the chest muscles a more toned appearance. Taking a well-rounded approach to gynecomastia treatment will bring the best outcome. Maintaining a normal weight, exercising to increase muscle tone, and finding an experienced plastic surgeon with an artistic eye are the three keys to a successful gynecomastia treatment and achieving the masculine chest contour you desire.