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What Can I Do About Loose Skin After Major Weight Loss?

The thrill and sense of accomplishment that is felt after major weight loss can be clouded by the loose skin that is left behind. In addition to preventing you from wearing new, smaller-sized clothes, this extra skin can be very uncomfortable to carry around. Rashes may develop along the folds of skin, causing the areas to burn or itch. Back pain is another common frustration you may experience from sagging abdominal skin. In addition, heavy, hanging skin can significantly impair your ability to maintain a healthier lifestyle through exercise. You may be wondering: “Where is the new body that I worked so hard to get?” Post-bariatric plastic surgery was designed to addresses these problems, and is often an important final step toward improving your overall quality of life.

Unfortunately, patients who have a history of obesity are unlikely to have skin that will recover after major weight loss. The only real and definitive solution to excess skin after major weight loss is the surgical removal of the skin. At Become, there are a number of different procedures that can accomplish this goal, including:

All of these procedures can directly address the elasticity of the skin. The most common areas for skin removal are the abdomen, back, breasts, thighs and upper arms. Usually two or three different areas can be treated during one surgical procedure, depending upon the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. Once this excess skin is removed, you can finally enjoy the more contoured figure you have worked so hard to attain.